Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Danger in the Garden

This is Charity. I want to tell you about a very serious household danger. My foster mom calls it "The Hose" and it attacks her hands while it sprays water on the plants. I do my very best with my super Boston lips to stop it. I can jump quite high to bite the water where it comes out of "The Hose" and I would do it for hours if I had to. Fortunately, I am usually able to defeat the hose rather quickly. Sometimes my sister, Hope, helps.When I have done a good job my foster dad comes outside with a warm towel, dries me off, and tells me what a brave girl I am. Then I go inside and burrow under the pillows on the couch and dream of the next time I will be called on to defeat "The Hose".

Monday, May 17, 2010

House Monsters

Early on we found that the Boston Girls were very serious about protecting us from danger. To Hope the vacuum is the most dangerous household item. She is especially concerned about the wand attachment and when I bring it out to vacuum the corners she does her best to capture and kill it. The first time she did this it was a complete shock. She was still not feeling great but she sprung up from her place on the couch and ran right for it, grabbing it's bristles in her teeth and giving it a shake. She seems to enjoy stalking it and will slip in quietly from the next room, tip-toeing on little Boston feet until she is close enough to ambush it. Her eyes light up as she grabs it in her pink lips and tries to decapitate it. We were lucky enough to catch it on video....the quality isn't great but it is the first video of the very secretive act of a Boston attacking a Dyson. Stayed tuned for Charity's household nemesis!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Full House

Sometimes life has no regard for your rules and expectations. With 12 cats and 2 large dogs we felt our little family was more than complete. In fact, we had decided no more additions, temporary or othewise. With both of us working full-time and my husband completeing his PhD we were stretched thin. On a cold day in February I discovered life had other plans, in the form of a black and white bundle with big brown eyes. With not enough red cells to sustain her little life Hope gazed into my eyes, licked my nose with her pale tongue, and I was hooked. When I had the knowledge and the resources to fix her how could I say no? Life is full of the form of a second black and white bundle with big brown eyes. My husband, Lee, was reluctant. Even adamantly against it. Who could blame him? But I pushed. We have helped so many animals find forever homes over the course of our relationship, why not these girls? So Hope and Charity moved into the Bennett house.
We have never had little dogs, nor have we ever had Boston Terriers, we really knew nothing about them. One of the first nights that Hope was with us Lee looked up Boston Terrier on Wikipedia. The Boston Terrier is one of the original American breeds. They are a compact mix of English Bulldog, Bull and Terrier breeds, and likely some French Bulldog. Wikipedia describes their temperament as "friendly and at times stubborn". We have certainly found this to be true and over the past few months we have delighted in getting to know their personalities.
They mirror each others movements and like to "tap dance" all over the house. They love food and I have not found anything that disagrees with their palates. They engulf their meals like Labradors! Hope is the more laid back of the sisters and will quietly sleep under the blankets at your feet. Charity wants to be in your lap and loves to give kisses. When they greet you they fold their little bodies in half and sidle up to you sideways wagging their whole being. They are gentle and loving and they make us laugh everyday. We have watched them open up and we have watched them learn to love life.
While it has been a challenge, for them to learn about living in this full house and for us to have a fuller house, life brought us these little beings to nurture and care for and we are all doing our best. Though we know one day we will say goodbye to them and send them on to a home that has more love to give, for now they are our little Boston Girls and we love them!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Story

My name is Hope. I am a 2 year old Boston Terrier and in February life changed for me and my sister, Charity. We were both owned by a breeder and our lives revolved around having puppies. Charity had been battling a strange blood disease for several months ever since having a litter of puppies. Her doctor did many tests but could never figure out what was causing her to be anemic. In February I also started to feel bad. My owner brought me into the doctor and the news was bad. I would not survive without a blood transfusion. My owner couldn't afford the treatment I needed. Though she had just met me my doctor fell in love with me and could not let me die. She told my owner that she would take me and pay for my care and then find me a loving home. My owner consented but she knew that I had a strong bond with my sister Charity. Would she find us a home together? How could she say no? We moved in and we have been adjusting to life as couch potatoes ever since. Charity's blood levels are now completely normal and mine are stable and my doctor/foster mom thinks I will make a full recovery. Check back for reports from me, my sister, and my foster mom on our adventures.